Customized theme activity mode II

Racing camel invites you to a grand banquet!
Our party, can be different style!

Our party
Also has belongs to your personal custom!

Customization mode II



Our advantages: hongda site (more than 20,000 square kilometers) camel team, professional personnel, comprehensive disinfection of the site, customer first service concept.
Birthday parties;Debating conference;Reading and communicating;Vindicate support;Cooking exchange;Cake baking;Bestie parties;Photography and photography;Corporate construction;Parent-child centre;Celebrate leisure;Farewell talk;Class reunion;Outdoor experience;Flower arrangement appreciation and analysis of all kinds of customized small party;

  • Unique camel race: in the middle of the desert, you can visit dubai’s traditional sporting events and experience the modern dubai legend.
    The full length of the track is more than 400 meters, close to the VIP stands, allowing you to experience the camel power pentium.
  • Camel “tap dance” : have you ever seen a modern style of camel tap dance?
    Can you imagine that the thick camel’s palm can also rub against the ground rhythmically, jumping out of a humorous and eclectic dance?
    We’ll show you everything you want to see.
  • Arabian classic style camel team: the ancient silk road, the camel is the biggest hero, the real camel can pull the strength of 500 kg of goods, want to verify the real strength of the camel?
    Experience the real arab-style “beautiful camel” fleet?
    Our camels will give you precious memories.
  • Alone love radish camel “small version: camels to starvation, also can eat other animals don’t eat the prickly plants, shrubs, branches and leaves and hay, have a good appetite to eat LiuQiShiJin food, several buckets of water, is the” big stomach king “of animal walking, carrot is not only rich in vitamins and moisture is sufficient, therefore, scored a camel” grace “.
  • Self-service Arabian afternoon tea: afternoon tea is traditionally an English pastime, but in dubai, foodies can find different flavors.
    Whether you are with family or friends, there is always an afternoon tea for you.
    Sit down and enjoy a perfect dubai-style afternoon tea.
  • Spa experience: comfortable and comfortable spa is the best way to relax your body and mind. Camel milk is said to be called “soft platinum in the desert”. It can be seen that camel milk is rich in nutritional value and rare output.
  • Please confirm 2-3 days in advance. Due to the arrangement of personnel and materials, it is not possible to modify the activity on the same day. Thank you for your understanding!

Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm enrollment: only 30 persons per game

Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm enrollment: only 30 persons per game

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